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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  February 23, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> but just a glimpse is cause for hope. >> i was really excited to have support from the community and recognition -- >> it changes nothing for gay and lesbian couples who married in the brief window when it was legal or that prop 8 will fall. what it says is that the president does not think the federal government can defend constitutional changes to the act. a conservative group released this statement -- as jerry brown and then governor schwarzenegger said they would not defend prop 8 in court challenges, though other parties have stepped forward since and this is still undetermine what
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had the future will be with prop 8, but mike huckabee says that president obama is out of touch with what the public wants and says that this refusal would be his undoing though clearly, if people support gay marriage rights are celebrating. >> thank you and today's announcement certainly does bring the spotlight back to the couples who sued to overturn prop 8. that's a lesbian couple from berkeley and gay couple from pasadena. pete williams believes their attorneys were tipped off to today's announcement that caught many gay right's groups off guard. >> it looks like the lawyers for the two couples new it was coming because within an hour of the justice department's announcement about this, the lawyers for the two gay couples had already filed a request with the ninth circuit court of appeals saying you ought to lift the stay that prevents same sex
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couples from getting married. it sure seems like they knew this was going to happen. >> while the president's position does not impact it directly, they say today's announcement could influence what they decide to do. brace yourselves for cold weather and flaky as in snow. lots of buzz over the possibility of snow and of all places, san francisco. want to show you a photo. showing the last time it snowed e imlast t te in the south bay. inst february, 1976. jeff ranieri joins us now. snow flurries in the city? really? >> looks like we have a good chance of a wintry mix down into san francisco. we are on snow watch hereoacross the bay area. the storm's not in view at this
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point, however in advance of this, we are looking at watches and warnings. let's get this sea level snow factoid here out of the way. we are looking at this cold blast friday with 40s little in the way of accumulation at sea level, however, this will mean a rain/snow wintry mix and sea level elevations and the best chance will be friday night into early saturday morning. e last time we had significant snow in san francisco was in 1976. take a look at this. a winter weather advisory posted in the north bay. this is the totals will be significant for our state. one to two inches here. and above 2,000 feet, two to four inches. the hills, and napa as well. we'll take you to sanra.rafael.a
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that is also this winter weather advisory. some of the highest totals will come from our east bay hills. we're looking at three to six inches possible. we had quite a blast of snow this past weekend, so this is just going to add to thingshe a compound to the travel troubles you may face friday and saturday. now, we don't want the snow to overshadow the cold. we're going to detail how low these numbers will go. yes, more on that coming up. >> we're looking forward to the snow. new tonight at 5:00, oakland police are asking the public for help in their search the man in this surveillance video. he is the suspect in the violent sexual assault of a woman on  february 7th. investigators tell us the victim
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was attacked at 10:00. anyone with answers is urged to call the oakland family youth and sfs division. friends and classmates of two walnut creek teenagers who drowned in that rafting accident are holding a candle light vigil to remember them. the best friends drowned saturday after they launched an inflatable raft in a drainage canal. a memorial is growing on the fence overlooking the waterway. they were known as adventurists who enjoyed the outdoors, which is why the memorial is being held at a place they liked to hike. topping our business and tech headlines today, apple shareholders have been well rewarded for years. today, they got a glimpse of coming next. scott joins us now on the concerns over a fruitful future for apple and the angst over
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who's going to be the next steve jobs. >> if there could be another one. it's not likely to find another steve jobs, but apple shareholders who have been rewarded for years now, wondering what the future will hold. cameras were not allowed inside, but some of the shareholders were willing to speak to us outside. they say they are concerned about apple's future, but they like the products, the executives and they say this company is going to do fine going forward. >> i think steve jobs has done a remarkable jobs of just building up a company that's going to be able to sustain whatever it takes as a result of steve jobs health. >> one vote wass taken. a vote on whether or notal -- it does have a plan in place, but does not want to make it public
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because other companies would know. as far as apple stock today on a day most companies were hit hard by another day of losses, apple shares were up strongly, so perhaps the shareholders know a little something about the future that we don't. one thing we did find out is that on march 2nd, there will be another rollout event. apple is not saying what it is, but the expectation is that we will get the new ipad. back to you. >> thank you. the bay area mother of one of four americans captured and killed by somali pirates is grieving her loss tonight. 82-year-old patricia drinkwater says she thought her daughter would be safe sailing around the world. she shared pictures. she says in her last e-mail, she mentioned the boat was making an unscheduled stop. then she got the terrible news.
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>> the world is an empty place without her. everybody loved phyllis. you just couldn't help it. she lit up the room when she walked into it. >> her mother says she was smart, an experienced sailor who was not prone to taking unnecessary risks. now to a new video just into the news room and it shows quake victims being rescued from collapsed buildings in christchurch, new zealand. at least 75 people are dead. hundreds are still missing. many sections of the town lie in ruins. several buildings are in danger of toppling. police have announced a nighttime curfew to keep people away from dangerous areas and prevent looting. to a developing story. outrageous and unacceptable. that is how the president described the growing violence
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in libya. the u.s. government is helping evacuate americans. raj has been monitoring the developments and joins us with the latest. >> 41 years of ruling with an iron fist, now, moammar gadhafi's empire is crumbling quickly. protesters within the country and foreigners desperate to flee the country. the dutch military stepped in and evacuated a group of fortune citizens. 32 dutch passengers and 50 others from the u.s. european countries landed late last night. but despite evacuation efforts, thousands of foreigners remain stranded. rebels took control in major libyan cities and there is dissension within his troops. two pilots from libya's air
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force parachuted out of their plane and crashed into the desert. president obama is considering issuing sanctions which could freeze libya's assets and ban travel to the united states by any libyan official. >> is the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and unacceptable. so are threats and ordered to shoot peaceful protesters. >> libyan americans here in the bay area are supporting demonstrators with a weekend rally. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead tonight -- >> more and more young children are ordering coffee. but are kids and caffeine a good mix? i'll take a closer look coming up. also coming up, a new place to call home where a blind sea lion injured in an attack could be headed. plus, why the most photographed bridge in the world
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will soon be a lot less photogenic. and that bridge in the coming days could see rain and i snow. the coldest air not only of the season, but of the year, coming our way. right now, low to mid-50s and we're tracking our winter storm hewatch. tc
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we have breaking news and want to call your attention to napa where a young man is missing. this is christian rubio. he is 7 years old. he left north wood elementary school at 12:45 this afternoon. he has not been seen since,
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apparently. blond haired, blue-eyed. last seen wearing jeans, a long sleeve blue shirt and black vans shoes. if you see christian or have any idea where he might be tonight, you are asked to contact the napa police department. while the golden gate bridge is getting a facelift, the 73-year-old bridge needs its two main cables restored, so today, crews began putting a scaffolding on. workers will strip the old lead paint and then repapt them. while the cables have been touched up over the years, this is going to be the first time they're all repainted at swuonc. >> they have to be coated. they have to have that protective coating of paint or in a fault environment here and the salt and fog, the water, the air. >> bridge officials say workers will spend the first year on the western side before they move to the eastern side and replicate the same thing. bicyclists may experience
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delays. now to an nbc bay area follow up for you. remember the sea lion blinded after being shot in the face? well, he may be youth nuysed if they can't find a home for home. the sea lion is still rehabbing at the marine center, but can't stay there forever. it may rebuild its empty sea li lion habitat to accommodate silent night and another sea lion. the next time you're in line at your coffee shop, look around you. have you noticed some of the customers are kids? more and more children are making coffee a daily habit. but pediatricians worn the caffeine craze comes with a cost. >> 8-year-old lane knows what
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she likes. her mom knows what she doesn't like. >> doesn't seem healthy for little kids to have caffeine. >> but plenty of kids are pouring into coffee shops to order their favorite caffeinated drink. >> usually, i get a double chocolate chip frapacino. >> there are a lot of children, young, who walk by a starbucks on their way to or from school, pick up a vente and drink it. >> caffeine is a nervous system stimulant and is addictive. >> the other thing i'm concerned about is overdosing of caffeine for kids. clearly, you can overdose, both taking these large caffeinated coffee drinks, plus the energy drinks now available. >> symptoms include a racing
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heart beat, shaking hands and nausea. research shows it can always disrupt children's sleep patterns. doctors say they're worried about those extra calories, too. this tall java has nearly 300 calories. >> usually, those drinks are highly sweetened and caloric and the body, with liquid calories, doesn't tend to engage is fullness mechanism. so a kid can have a highly cal rated drink and not feel full, okay, now it's time for lunch. >> another reason why 11-year-old casey's mom is buying her juice instead of coffee. she's convinced caffeine and kids is not a good blend. >> well, we are happy to report that the 7-year-old christian rubio who we told you about just moments ago, he's been missing
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from his school in napa, they found him at a friend's house close to his home. he did not tell his father that's where he was going. >> good to know he's safe f. let's turn it over to jeff ranieri. >> over the next 48 hours, some extreme weather across the bay area. look here over the past 15 minutes at the golden gate bridge shows that sunny weather and temperatures in the low to mid-50s. in advance of this cold, rare and unusual storm system, we have a winter weather advisory posted for the north bay hills. once again, for thursday p.m. into friday, so we zoomed in earlier, but i'm going to do it again because this is such a rare event. areas in white here, those are regions under this winter weather advisory. in the north bay with possibly two to four inches of snowfall. keep in mind with this being a rare event here, the hills of
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napa as well and the hills of sonoma, getting out and plowing will be a problem thursday evening and friday. that is going to be causing a lot of people p quite an issue here as they try to do any traveling. also, two to four inches expected in the hills. east bay could see three to six inches. areas in blue, that also extebd tends to the south bay. mt. hamilton, three to six inches of snowfall. right now, not so bad. little bit below average, but comfortable with lots of low to mid-50s. weather headlines will show a cold start for tomorrow morning and then for thursday, rain being introduced in the evening hours with that snow level dropping dramatically as we
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could see snow levels down to 500 feet. here's the weather maker that's going to be dropping down. as that continue to get closer, we will see this chance here of that low snow for the bay area for thursday night also into friday at this point with daytime highs in the 40s. let's get a look at the best chance of this rain coming back to the bay area. this will be 5:00 p.m. thursday and that will continue do 6:00. what about a snow? right now, our future cast models showing nothing too heavy at sea level. the highest totals in our hills and so here's a look. east and south bay hills will see the most with that three to inches. as far as sea level snow goes, it's a wintry mix right now. those of you in san francisco, also on the floor in livermore and san jose, don't look for much in the way of accumulation, but look for the snow flakes and
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a wintry mix as we head to friday and early saturday morning. temperatures struggling tomorrow to get out of the 50s in some cases here and we're going to see conditions dropping quite a bit more as we head into our seven-day forecast. once again, the best chance to see this low snow will be on friday. that is our storm day. >> well, i've got the saucer ready. i'm going to -- >> we're going to send a camera for that. still ahead, topping the charts, why apple may very well be one of the biggest hitsat in soyw, al> so, stern words for lindsay lohan.
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apple is famous for its slick marketing skills and hollywood is a key customer. using the products in movies over the last decade. a group that charts product place says "toy story 3" also featured. but for toyota, while the cars get used in films, the prius was mocked in some. go to jail or trial. that's the chase for lindsay lohan. the troubled actress appeared before the judge again today. this is because she allegedly stole a $2500 necklace. if she keeps the not guilty plea and heads to trial, she could
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face up to three years in prison if nvicted. w e wil wl be right back with a bachelor party fit for a prince.
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members of the british royal family are planning an outrageous party for prince william including speedboats, water sports on the english channel. and since there won't be alcohol during those activities, the guests will end the day hopping by boat. prince william and kate middleton will wed april 29th. >> let's hope it doesn't end like the movie the "hangover ".
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